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B&B Youth Academy: Week 3

The youth leveled up over this past holiday weekend.

They discussed their readings which went over their visions in life while leaving a space to take note of any toxic habits they think might interfere with those same visions. One of the essential points from the chapter was to "be compassionate with yourself as you identify and heal your toxic patterns. We all have them. It takes time."

Our guest speaker, Detrick Manning, discussed how he was able to work smarter not harder while going after his dreams amidst the struggle. He touched on how even after excelling in college, he found difficulty in finding a quality job after graduating. Through perseverance and belief, he was able to land a career with the Mayor's Office of Long Beach and has now transitioned to be a U.S. House Committee Press Secretary. Detrick touched on some of the dreams the youth have and what pieces of advice can help them go after those dreams.

Our youth then went on towards polishing their craft, going over the basics of the game. They ended the day with some intense back and forth games. Adding to their repertoire, brick by brick.

The comeback summer.

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