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B&B Youth Academy: Week 5

Bringing the power to the youth

This past Saturday our youth had a chance to really think about what change would they like to see at their schools.

It was a great time to think about those topics given our guest speakers were LBUSD School Boardmembers Erik Miller and Juan Benitez. Both school board members discussed how youth can initiate some of that change in their schools:

1. Email: youth can email any one of the board members in regards to putting pressure on things they want to push forward.

2. Call: youth can also call the school district to speak on topics of change at their school

3. Attend: the most powerful method that was discussed was for youth to attend LBUSD School Board meetings and speak on topics in regards to their schools.

The topics our youth brought up ranged from more field trips, school sport court/field improvements, restroom maintenance, and one special topic that was brought up by several local Washington Middle School youth was air conditioning.

The air conditioning plans at Washington Middle School were discussed in detail by Christopher Lund, Assistant Superintendent of Middle and K-8 schools, who attended the academy this past Saturday along with our School Boardmembers.

Dr. Lund provided great insight into the plans for air conditioning at the Washington Middle School. This was a very important topic to our youth, especially since the Washington Neighborhood is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Long Beach. The local heat is exacerbated by a lack of green space, shade, pollution, and other factors in the neighborhood.

Currently, there is a Cooling Long Beach project focused on cooling down the Washington Neighborhood.

Overall, it was a powerful day at the academy that also included their weekly reading discussions and basketball skills clinic.

Let's keep workin'

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