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B&B Youth Academy: Week 6

Saturday's Academy day hosted Director of Outreach, Advocacy, Policy, Dinesa Thomas, from Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles, and State Assemblymember Patrick O'Donnell. Dinesa shared her story as a CIF Basketball champ and her community work in the Washington Neighborhood. Dinesa's High School Basketball team had a 34-0 record, and while in high school she was able to represent Team USA in the Olympics. She credited the discipline she learned in basketball to the success she was able to have in college and her career in advocacy and policy. State Assemblymember O’Donnell discussed what he does as a state legislator and what can our youth do to get involved in local and state policy. He made it clear that any one of our youth can get involved in local policy and even run for office one day. Assemblymember O'Donnell also discussed the internship program that his office has for youth interested in state government. The B&B Youth Academy is about building a foundation and network for future change led by Washington Neighborhood youth. Their "Stay Woke" readings discussed how to find answers to life's most difficult questions and how building a routine can be an anchor for the road towards their vision. Brick by brick. Youth by youth.

Interested in the Habitat LA Homes in the Washington Neighborhood?

To apply visit this link HERE

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