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B&B Youth Academy: Week 7

This past Saturday was an eventful one, to say the least.

It started off amazing, having a representative from Congressman Alan Lowenthal's Office, Clayton Heard. Clayton discussed his career and how he ended up working for the Congressman. He was able to touch on the advocacy he did while in college to make his school more environmentally friendly.

Clayton talked about how people write letters into the Congressman's office and some of them hang up on his desk. He even brought blank letters for all of our youth to write in.

B&B youth wrote in those letters regarding things they want to see changed and addressed. Clayton let them all know that all of the letters will be personally handed to the Congressman. This created the 14th St Basketball courts into a space of youth advocacy where the local youth can have their voices heard at the federal level.

Later on that day, as we transitioned into the Basketball Skills Clinic, an abandoned home on 14th and Locust Ave caught on fire. Our youth were the first ones to notice it, feeling the heat from the house.

Two of our coaches were the first ones to call 911. All the youth were isolated to the other side of the basketball courts and people began moving their cars away from the house. This house is right in front of the basketball courts, and it is infamously known in the community.

Luckily, everyone living in the abandoned house was able to get out and no one was hurt. Our LB Fire Department did a great job at controlling it. The Youth Academy was immediately ended and parents were contacted.

It was a tough day, but just like our neighborhood, the Youth Academy is resilient and we push forward ready to get back at it better and stronger.

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