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B&B Youth Academy: Week 8

Finish strong.

Last Saturday SK8 Dojo hosted a workshop for our youth that touched on speaking up, finding your belonging, and steering through your social spaces.

They played out real-life situations which included a young student who struggled in school simply because she didn't have glasses, and the other situation involved someone who was enticed to sell drugs to be a part of a friend group. They were skits based on real-life situations.

The Director of Sk8 Dojo also shared her story of how gang violence was around her and became something she looked up to because of the influence from a family member. It was a real-life lesson of how she could have gone down that path but was luckily able to find her own belonging in another social group.

Sk8 Dojo also provided a valuable resource list to the youth which included local academic and athletic programming.

The youth enjoyed the Washington Middle School Gym to the point where many of them didn’t want to leave. Quicksand Mindset brought a shooting machine to use for the Basketball skills clinic, something the youth enjoyed using and competing in shooting contests.

It’s been a powerful summer for Washington Neighborhood youth, and it’s time to finish strong for our Finale tomorrow.

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