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Books & Buckets Youth Academy: Week 4

Signature Move

The last Saturday of June was about your signature move. What’s your signature move on the court? What’s your signature move off the court? Former Moore League Coach of the year Coach Jay connected one’s signature move to basketball and life, ready for a counter whenever needed.

Coach Jay talked about how his signature move in life was taken away from him, so he countered with another one until he was eventually able to get back to that patented move of his dreams and career.

The Assistance League of Long Beach also came out to the academy and discussed their orthodontics program which provides low-cost orthodontic care for children. To learn more visit here. The Assistance League even provided snacks and drinks to the youth on the hot summer day.

During the youth small group book discussions, groups had a chance to discuss the essential points from their chapters which ranged from not judging your thoughts during meditation and developing your own personal mantra to cultivate the energy you need for your vision. The groups even had a chance to meditate together before getting into the powerful, action-packed day.

The B&B Youth Academy is ready to get back to work this Saturday, building upon our learnings from the first half of the academy and ready to level up during the second half. This Saturday we will have two special guests speaking to our youth, and these guests have a lot of say over our Long Beach schools.

Stay tuned. The summer of comeback is going by fast.

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