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Books & Buckets Youth Action: Month 1

We about that action.

Month 1 of the Books and Buckets Youth Action Program was full of ideas and energy. The youth started off the day collecting neighborhood impact project ideas by focusing on 3 things:

1. Issues (what are some of the issues they see and know about in their neighborhood?): Youth responses ranged from "Gang violence, Racism, Too Much Trash, Homelessness" and others including 32 responses with many overlapping.

2. Changes (what are some of the efforts that need to be made to solve these issues)

3. Action Strategy (what actions should be taken, which include Service, Philanthropy, Advocacy, Awareness)

After their youth action work, they transitioned into their Basketball Skills Clinics with Quicksandmindset, incorporating the college drills Tennessee and Syracuse. Many of the youth have been working on their game and it shows, with some of them having their basketball season starting off.

Let's keep workin'

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